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I am Kelsey

And the root of my passion is always human behavior. I am obsessed with learning about the way humans think, behave and react. But, I wanted to do more than just learn, I wanted to help create products that can be used to help solve real problems. I love to combine these passions with my array of skills to create products that always have one thing in mind: The user.
When I am not creating in the digital space you can find me looking through recipes books for my next great meal, tucked in a corner reading & whispering sweet nothings at my dogs.

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Goalden Hour

Goalden hour is a goal-driven tool that helps combine scheduling and self-improvement so that people can bring their goals & good habits to the forefront.

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Vida Care UK

Vida Care wants to empower the elderly to be able to stay in their homes longer by using technology to help detect common and easily treated illnesses.

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CityFALCON provides personalised financial news and content for investors, traders, and anyone accessing financial news and content.

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