Kelsey Laughton- UX/UI designer & front-end developer portfolio

Hi I am

Kelsey Laughton

with a passion for making digital products human-centric.

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What I Do

  • UX Design

    My first love and introduction to technology, I use my background in behavioural psychology to connect with all my designs.

  • UI Design

    Creating user-friendly wireframes isn’t complete with an overlay of beautiful, thoughtful design that will draw the eye of any user.

  • Web-Developer

    Implementing my impactful designs using a variety of web-development languages, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript & React.js.

  • UX Research

    User research is at the heart of my designs. Using psychology research methods, with statistics and user data for all projects.

Featured projects from my portfolio

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Vida Care UK

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Goalden Hour App

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CityFalcon App

Portfolio project

Properties App

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